Friday, December 27, 2013


I know I have been terrible at blogging for the last couple years. I can't promise that I will get better either. I started this blog as a family journal and should probably try to keep that up, right?! I am so far behind with past posts though that I don't know that it is possible to get caught up. I might try to catch it up at some point, but for now I think I will start again from the present. So here are a few recent happenings:

Danica started First Grade. My goodness kids grow up too fast!! I can't believe I have a daughter old enough to be in school all day. She reads anything and everything she can get her hands on and only needs help every now and then. She has now lost 4 teeth, including her two front teeth just in time for Christmas! She is becoming more and more athletic, just like her dad. She played T-ball last summer and was AMAZING! She now wants to take rock climbing and piano lessons. And of course still makes friends everywhere she goes!

Haidyn still stays home with me, but will start preschool in January. She is very much her own person!! Haidyn is her description, because there is no one quite like her. She is always making everybody laugh and doing her own thing. She doesn't really care what people think about her and does what she wants. She LOVES to be pretty and must have perfect hair ALL day long. She wants to grow up too fast. She not only tries to do everything Danica does but normally does do everything Danica can do. (Sometimes she just has to work at it.)

Danny is now working for SOS Staffing out of the Orem office but manages at the NuSkin office most of the time. (NuSkin hires with SOS.) He is loving finally using his degree! He also just joined an indoor soccer league and plays his first game tomorrow. He hasn't played soccer in a league since he was on the club team in college before his mission. (It has been a while.) We paid off our Jeep and he got a new car! He got his Mazda6 that he has been wanting.

Well, I have been through many changes. I no longer babysit the little girl I was watching full time and just watch a little boy part time now. He is such a cute and loveable kid! Love him to pieces!! Just about a year ago I had Shingles. (They are as bad as they sound.) While I had Shingles I tore my Rotator Cuff somehow. We don't know how or when and didn't figure it out till a month later after I had recovered from Shingles and still couldn't move my arm. All better now though!

There are so many more things to add, but don't want to make this too long of a post so I will add more later. But there is one last update:
We are starting our adoption papers!

Hope your Christmas was as merry as ours and that you have the best year to come!!