Friday, December 7, 2012

4th of July 2012

We always try to make it down to Delta for the 4th of July. We love going to the Parade and Demolition Derby. Plus we get lots of time with Danny's family.

Sadly this year Danny broke my camera while taking the first picture that day so I only have one. Luckily, I was able to steal a few from Kaity's facebook.
 The only picture taken with our camera before Danny dropped and broke the whole lens area. My cutie girls ready to get candy.

 Ok, so I didn't take any of the rest of these.
 Watching fireworks!!!

 Yes, Danica's eye is nearly swollen shut. She went to play at a friends water party after the parade. So we got her all ready and it was time to put the sunscreen on. So I spray her body and tell her to close her eyes and hold her breath to spray her face. Bad idea! We have done it before but apparently this time it shocked her and her eyes shot open. Needless to say she got sunscreen in the eye. It actually looks a lot better in this picture than it did earlier.
 I just love this picture!!!
 Festivities in the park after the parade.

Ok, so this picture doesn't show it, but we saw the best rainbow ever while we were in Delta. It was a full double rainbow. Meaning it was two rainbows that stretched across the entire sky together. Beautiful!!


Think of one word to describe Haidyn - Diva! And she proves it even in her sleep.

Hand Foot and Mouth

The girls have both had Hand Foot and Mouth before this, but this time they were the 10% of people who get it that their fingernails and toenails fall out. It was lovely!! Danny actually got it too and had 2 fingernails do the same thing. (Normally it is a disease only younger kids get.) At first the doctors didn't know what was causing it and were worried about a lot worse condition. Thankfully it wasn't any of those. Is was a crazy start to the year!

Haidyn Helper

I have been babysitting a few other kids for a while now. One of Haidyn's favorites is a boy named William. Every time I would feed him Haidyn would have to help. He loved it!!

She actually did a pretty good job with little mess and they both had fun doing it!!

Summer Fun

Our neighbors pulled out their slip and slide so the girls just had to join in. Enough said!

 This is how my girls slip and slide. Hehehe! Too funny!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Danica Graduates!

It may only be preschool graduation, but I am just so proud of my baby girl for growing up so smart and always working so hard at everything she does!!
 Before Graduation
 She isn't silly at all! ;)
 Waiting for graduation to start.

 She is just growing up so fast!!
 With her teachers Merrilee and Sandra.

 Last day of school/ swimming party. With Ms Sandra.
With Ms. Merrilee

They also had a magician or juggler on the last day. I guess Danica was busting up laughing so hard it took her teachers completely off guard. They couldn't figure out who it was until they saw Danica rocking in her chair practically falling out she was laughing so hard. Apparently they hadn't seen this side of her before since she sits so quiet in class.

So proud of you, Babe!!!

Kaity & Joey's Wedding

We knew it was coming for a long time, but it was still crazy to see a girl I have known for so long be all grown up and getting married! Danny and I have only been married 6 years, but I have known Kaity for 11 years, more than half her life.

It was a beautiful wedding!! Gorgeous really!!!
 It was the cutest thing!! They were waiting in a side room for the reception to get started and sat down to the piano together.

 Of course Danny's daddy-daughter dance. Danica refused to dance with him.
 Haidyn was so excited so see her new Uncle and her Aunt!!!

 Danny, Kaity and Devin. (No Danny is taller than Kaity. She was bending her knees so he wouldn't feel short. They are the same height.)
 Kaity and Jory with all of the nieces and nephews. Danica and Haidyn are the only ones from the Diaz side.
 Danica had so much fun with all of the Joey's nieces and nephews!! She danced ALL night.

Congrats to Kaity and Joey!! We are so happy for you two!!

Kids Are Crazy!!!

 Haidyn putting on a puppet show.

 Ta Da!

Haidyn dressed herself in a few of her favorite things and came out drenched in attitude!

The creative minds of my kids my baffle me but I love the crazy fun and laughs we all have!!

Easter 2012

 Danica and Haidyn have the best Aunts and Uncles! Their Uncle Joey and Aunt Kaity took them to the Ward Easter party and Egg hunt.

 After the party, Kaity and Joey took them down to Delta where they got to go see the chicks and feed them.
 We had Easter in Delta with Danny's parents this year.
Of course the girls favorite part was their new umbrellas. :)