Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We had a pretty good Thanksgiving this year. Both My dad's brother and sister were able to come from out of state. As well as my brother and sister were able to make it. The only down side was my sister's oldest was sick with croup, and coughing all over the place; now poor Haidyn is suffering from it. (Poor thing hasn't moved from the rocking chair in over 3 hours right now. Literally, hasn't moved!) Anyway, here are some of the picture from the day. I still need to get some from my aunt and will post those later. 
 My sister's blue great dane (the dog I have always wanted). Haidyn chased her all day long. Standing she is taller than Haidyn and is still only a pup. She will grow to more than twice the size she is now. So jealous!
 My dad, Aunt Sherry, Uncle Dan, and Grandpa Rusty
Note new due! Much shorter! And loving it!! Now Haidyn and I really look alike.

Like I said more pictures to come. The few other pictures we got Danny took and for some reason his pictures are all a blur lately. Fun! I hope all had a great Thanksgiving like I did and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas to come!

Peek-A-Boo and Posers

These girls strike a pose every time they see the camera! They just eat it up. But then I am willing to take pictures of my beauties as long as they are willing to let me. Then of course they demand a turn behind the camera.

Monday, November 28, 2011


We had plenty of fun for Halloween this year. We don't normally get into it too much, but the girls love getting into it. Danica got so excited when all of our neighbors put all of their decorations out. We got to go to the ward party, Danica had a school party and parade, then we went down to Delta to Danny's parents house. Danica's job was to hand out the candy; she was very proud of that. The first door Haidyn didn't want to go near, but once she figured out that she gets candy by just holding out her bucket, she didn't want to stop.
 Danica and teacher Miss Merrilee
 Danica and teacher Miss Sandra
 Danica singing her Halloween songs
 While we were out shopping on Saturday we ran into some free face painting. Haidyn's was supposed to be a spider, but she wouldn't let the guy near her again to finish. So she has a tadpole.
 Our little witch

 At the ward party Danica got her face painted again.
 And Haidyn broke out the candy
 On to pumpkin painting
 Yep, we use feet at our house
 And the pumpkin is required to share the paint with Haidyn
 Pretty little Ballerina
Heading out trick-or-treating in Delta.

They are still working on eating the candy! Even with Daddy's help.

Visits & Roses

We had a good friends of our visit from Arizona. My friends Nicole, and Danica and Haidyn's friends Andrew and Rory. I was probably more excited then Danica to see them. They had tons of fun playing while Nicole and I talked hours away. It was just so cute cuz Andrew just had to bring Danica a rose because his dad gave his mom flowers and Andrew is convinced he will marry Danica. Then Rory had to bring one too, of course.
 Andrew, Danica, Haidyn, Rory
They have gotten so big!!!
Danica had to show everybody that came to the door for 3 days her rose.

Paint Fun

The girls had a little fun painting with our neighbors a little while ago, but I just forgot about it till I was going through all of our pictures.
Painting Popsicle sticks
 Painted one stick then moved on

Ok, so Haidyn had a lot of fun painting! :)
It all washed right off.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Haidyn's 18 Month Stats

 My baby is getting too big! She turned 18 months on 9/8/11.

 Haidyn loves her sister more than I could have imagined. I love to see all that they do together and how much their friendship grows as they do!

 Haidyn loves her family so much! She loves every time somebody comes to visit her or calls her on the phone. Even if it takes her a little bit to warm up to them enough to give hugs and kisses.
 Haidyn is my little helper in the kitchen. Danica of course loves to help, but it is Haidyn that doesn't take no for an answer and demands to help with everything at the stove. Including, as you can see, taste testing.

Stats: Height:31 1/2in  Weight:23 1/2lbs  Head: 46cm

Haidyn is such a special girl! She loves to laugh and to make others laugh. It is a daily ritual of her to make Danica laugh, and anybody else she can. Danny is known as the family clown, but she has him beat. She knows just what to do to make you laugh. If somebody is sad she is there to make you laugh. (She gets that from her dad.) She is always concerned what is going on with everybody and that everybody is where they are supposed to be. For instance, Daddy is not allowed to sit in Mommy's chair with out gettng kicked out by Haidyn; or, Daddy is not allowed to kiss Mommy with out being put in time out for being mean. She cracks me up. 

Haidyn is a pretty girl. She demands to be pretty at all times. It has her dad worried! She has a terrible habit that when she is done with whatever she is doing whether eating, playing with blocks, or in the tub it all gets dumped. Food hits the floor, toys go flying and best of all buckets of water dump from the tub. Lovely child!!! She has been in a toddler bed since 14 months, but will not give up her binky for more than a couple hours max. However, she is determined she is ready to potty train. Out of the blue she will just bolt to the bathroom and sit on the potty chair with her pants and diaper still on to go potty, and demands to go potty with everybody else. She is a very independent little stinker! I use to think with Danica that I wished she would try to do more herself, but now I take it back. I wish Haidyn would let me do just a little more sometimes.

All in all, we are just tickled to have Haidyn in our family. She adds adventure and variety to everyday. We love you Haidyn!!