Tuesday, October 11, 2011


We have told a few people but we haven't told everybody yet. Danny and I decided that at the start of the year we are going to begin our application for adoption. It has taken a long time for us to decide that we do want to adopt, but we know after a lot of fasting and prayers that it is finally the time to find the rest of our family.

First Day of School

My baby girl is in school. Ok, so she isn't baby anymore, and I didn't cry when I dropped her off. Although it almost made me cry when she ran in without looking back and then cried when I picked her up.
  (I pulled out the camera and the girls just had to have a whole photo shoot.)
She loves school so much and is learning a TON!! She is always singing the songs that she learns at school and telling us what all of the letters are. She is trying to read, sometimes with better success then other times, but is doing really well at sounding out a lot of simple words. She is becoming more confident in what she is learning and showing people how smart she is too. It is really good to see her coming out of her shell more. (I know most people don't realize that she really is shy. she is only shy at letting people know what she knows.) She is just doing amazing!!


We seem to be making it an annual event to go to Lagoon with Danny's family. It is a lot of fun every year. Danny was able to go on more than kiddie rides this time and Danica went of more rides than I could count. Haidyn was even able to go on a couple of rides and one of them she didn't have to go with Danica. So I spent a lot of time at the little kid boat ride. And of course I took a ton of pictures:
 Grandma Gina and the girlies waiting for the boats.

 And more boats
 Flying rides always followed by the dragon ride.
 Some cars
 And don't forget a couple goes on the carousel.

 Did I mention boats?
 A little face paint.

 And bumper cars!
 Haidyn finally crashes for a nap. (Yes, it is only nap time.)
 More and more bumper cars.
 Kaity and fiance, Joey
And top it off with a few more flying rides and you have the best day of your life at 4 and 1!!! Oh, and can't forget at 26 for Danny. (:

Dance Recital

They practiced for months and were so excited to show everybody what they could do.

 She insisted I take a picture "like this"
 The girls, Devin and Kaity
 Danica's dance class and teacher, Brooke

 "And like this"
"And this"
She wanted a billion pictures in every different pose you never would have thought of. Such a ham!!
(I tried to load the video of the dance, but I just couldn't get videos to load today.)
The recital started with them singing a song, then their dance, then another song. Then their teacher, Brooke, danced, then a Native American Hoop dance (not by Brooke), then Brooke and her husband did a swing dance. Danica had lots of support! Both sets of grandparents came, plus Danny's brother and sister and my best friend, Brittany,  her new husband, and her sister. Danica felt so special and was so proud to show everybody what she had been working on for so long. She acted a little bit shy to be dancing in front of everybody else's family, but she still did the dance very well.

Seven Peaks with Family

This year we had season passes to seven peaks, but this time we were able to go with Danny's family. But I only got pictures of the girls. I still haven't gotten the pictures Danny's mom took of everyone.

Flower Girl

In July my best friend got married and Danica was one of her flower girls. Danica was so excited to have something to do at the wedding and to get to dress pretty. Just just loved it!!! She still calls the dress and shoes her wedding dress and shoes.

 And the girls danced the night away!

4th of July

Yes, I am still catching up on me several months behind blog, so here is our 4th of July. It is actually kind of nice to think how warm it was then when it is getting cold now.
For the 4th we went down to Danny's parents house in Delta, and of course had lot of fun! So here are some pictures.
  At the parade. Danny and his sister just couldn't contain their true colors.
 Danica and Grandma Gina at the Derby.
 What is the 4th of July without pops?
 And of course some slip 'n' slide.

I just had to add this one!!! They took so many of these of everybody, but this one was one of the best! Just look at Devin's brow!!! It makes me laugh every time I see it.

Danica is 4

Ok, don't even mention how ancient this is. I just need to put it up.
 Danica has a spark in her that catches the attention everyone she meets. She doesn't let anything keep her down long and constantly shows those that she loves that she is thinking of them. She loves to go to church, well, primary anyway and to say a prayer every chance she gets. She likes to say every family and meal prayer and Danny and I are not allowed to help or add anything to the prayer. I love to see how much she loves to talk to her Father in Heaven. She has a hunger for knowledge that drives her billions of questions everyday. We love her and are happy to have her in our lives. Love you, Danica!!!