Friday, March 4, 2011


I just feel so grateful for my girls! This week we have gotten out of the apartment and run tons of errands and played at the mall and the park every day. This doesn't happen that often for us. We have just let loose and had tons of fun. I just love how I can have a million things to do and my girls can make me stop and see something simple or make me laugh till it hurts. They are just such beautiful little miracles given to me to brighten every day. I love to watch everything they do and think how much they are like me or Danny; and just love that they would do so many things just to be like Mommy. It just melts my heart to see their gorgeous smiles and delightful little giggles. I am just so grateful that I have such marvelously magnificent daughters sent from heaven.
I love you, Babies!


  1. Your a great mom too! I feel the same about my kids! It's hard work sometimes to be a Mom but it's sooo rewarding! Your little girls are so cute! I hope we get a chance to play out in the sun again with you guys soon!

  2. btw where did you get those pictures taken on the side of your blog of your girls??? they are adorable!

  3. We got them done at Photo Works in the University Mall.