Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ear Piercing

Well I put it off and put t off, but finally decided to get Danica's ears pierced. She was super excited until it was time to sit in the chair, then she started screaming. So I had to hold her and she was still screaming so we had ot have them do both ears at the same time. It took a little holding her down and about 5 minutes of screaming after, but now she is loving them!
 Since Danica did so much better than I thought she would I decided to take Haidyn to get her ears pierced too the next day. She hated the girl cleaning her ears and didn't want her to touch her to draw the dots on to get them even. Then the poor girl had to have her ear tugged on a bit when the first gun got stuck, but even after all of that Haidyn still did better than Danica; and she even had hers done one at a time. Such a tough little girl!
They both look so so cute with their "pretties" in their ears!

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  1. How cute! We did Rory's pierced for her second birthday. How was Haidyn's birthday by the way?