Thursday, June 17, 2010

Who's that Baby in the Mirror

Haidyn has become so fun to play with!! She is starting to giggle more and actually play with toys and everything she sees. She definitely has her favorites; like the sheep on her swing mobile and the lion and giraffe on her play mat.
But now she has discovered the baby in the mirror. A couple of weeks ago I put her infront of the bathroom mirror and she kept getting so mad and yelling at the baby. I would take her away from it and she would calm down, then I would put her infront of the mirror again and she would scream her little gous at herself. Then today I put her up by the mirror on the wall and she nearly jumped out of my hands trying to get to that baby. She was so excited to have a friend to play with. She got ahold of the mirror and just about got it off the wall, but luckily she didn't because I didn't have a spare hand to catch it. She talked and laughed with her new friend for a few minutes and this time when I moved her from the mirror she got mad at me.
And now my sweet baby is in her swing talking and laughing with her sheep.
Just the cutest thing!! I love it!!!

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