Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Haidyn's 4 month Apt

We took Haidyn in for her 4 month check up today. She is 13.5 lbs and 24 in. She went from the 25% in weight to the 60% from 2 to 4 months. She is showing how good of an eater she is!! She is doing really well and the dr was really impressed with how strong she is; which comes from her wanting to stand all day. But she still isn't rolling. We know she knows how because she will in her sleep but not when we put her down. She will just lay there and either play or cry but not try to roll. She does try to scoot though, so we will see if she ever rolls before she crawls or walks. She is doing really well at sitting up. The only thing really holding her back is that she sees things infront of her and so she tries to get them and falls over. She is such a happy and fun baby! We have 2 names for her - spitter; not because of spitting up but because she is always blowing bubbles, spitting and drowling on us, and smiles; yep, you guessed it, because she smiles a lot. She loves all of her toys so much she get all excited when she sees them then pulls them in for hugs and drowls. As I said before she is a great eater!! She is always watching us each just waiting for us to give her some. She chows down her foods and loves everything we have given her. She is sleeping great at night, but being difficult half of the time during the days. She is my favorite little chatterbox; just constantly talking to either one of us, her toys or mobiles, or herself. She just just so much fun and I love her so much!!

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