Sunday, June 20, 2010

Drill Sergeant Danica

Danica has taken in upon herself to help me get into shape. I have been working hard to lose wight recently and everytime I put in a workout video Danica has to be right there with me either doing it with me or coaching me. All through my workouts I here things like, "Sqeeze, sqeeze!" "One more!" "Just do it, Mom!" "Come on! You can do it!" or "Faster! Faster! Go! Go! Go!" And she has many more motivational comments. The funny thing is that it really is motivating most of the time! She always seems to say things when I am wanting to give up or she distracts me so that I can keep going. And it is so good to see her want to get involved with workouts too. After I do mine, she always wants to do hers. That makes me so happy cuz we have been trying to teach Danica about hygiene and healthy eating and exercise habits. So hopefully she can learn to apply all of it to her life long term.

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  1. thats so cute! Its funny isaak does the exact same thing! Only sometimes he tells me what im doing wrong :/ Good luck on the workouts!!