Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Haidyn's 4 month Apt

We took Haidyn in for her 4 month check up today. She is 13.5 lbs and 24 in. She went from the 25% in weight to the 60% from 2 to 4 months. She is showing how good of an eater she is!! She is doing really well and the dr was really impressed with how strong she is; which comes from her wanting to stand all day. But she still isn't rolling. We know she knows how because she will in her sleep but not when we put her down. She will just lay there and either play or cry but not try to roll. She does try to scoot though, so we will see if she ever rolls before she crawls or walks. She is doing really well at sitting up. The only thing really holding her back is that she sees things infront of her and so she tries to get them and falls over. She is such a happy and fun baby! We have 2 names for her - spitter; not because of spitting up but because she is always blowing bubbles, spitting and drowling on us, and smiles; yep, you guessed it, because she smiles a lot. She loves all of her toys so much she get all excited when she sees them then pulls them in for hugs and drowls. As I said before she is a great eater!! She is always watching us each just waiting for us to give her some. She chows down her foods and loves everything we have given her. She is sleeping great at night, but being difficult half of the time during the days. She is my favorite little chatterbox; just constantly talking to either one of us, her toys or mobiles, or herself. She just just so much fun and I love her so much!!

Danica is doing great!

Danica's meds worked great on her and she is now down to only as needs treatments. It is such a relief to have her feeling better! We don't know yet if it will ever fully go away, but for now we are just grateful that we don't have to worry every second about it.


Well, I had to have me blood tested to make sure that my iron was coming back up after all of the blood loss and hysterectomy and it is back up already. My dr didn't expect it to be back up for 6 months, but it looks like it is fine. Obviously my stomach and everything cut open twice still needs some time before it will bee 100% but should be mostly healed too. Yeah!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Poor Danica

Poor poor Danica has really been having a struggle. She has been sick for about 3-4 weeks. And when Danica gets sick she reallly gets sick. She get a nasty cough that doesn't go away. She coughs and coughs until she throws up. The poor thing! Well, we took her back into the dr this week and have concluded that what we thought was a temporary bout of asthma 2 years ago wasn't really temporary. It looks like she will have it for life, or at least childhood. Lookily, she doesn't have a very bad case of it and only gets really bad when she is sick. We are still working out what medications she needs to be on and how often she needs to be treated, but it looks like she is stuck with it. We are testing medications for about a week or two and if we can't get it under control then she has to go to a Pulminologist and a specialist for allergies, since that seems to be a factor in her asmtha. Then if she gets any more ear infections she will need to see an ear, nose and throat dr and likely get tubes to help keep her from anymore of that.

Luckily, Danica does mostly well during the days right now. It is just so sad to hear her cough and throw up all night every night and see how much pain she is in all while struggling to catch her breath and get a little bit of sleep. It has been really hard for Danny and myself since one of us always has to sleep in her bed with her to help her, so we have been really short on sleep ourselves. But Danica is going through a whole lot more. We just hope we can get this figured out fast since last time she starting having attacks it got really really really bad and could barely breath all day. It was so scary! Lets hope it doesn't come to that again.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Drill Sergeant Danica

Danica has taken in upon herself to help me get into shape. I have been working hard to lose wight recently and everytime I put in a workout video Danica has to be right there with me either doing it with me or coaching me. All through my workouts I here things like, "Sqeeze, sqeeze!" "One more!" "Just do it, Mom!" "Come on! You can do it!" or "Faster! Faster! Go! Go! Go!" And she has many more motivational comments. The funny thing is that it really is motivating most of the time! She always seems to say things when I am wanting to give up or she distracts me so that I can keep going. And it is so good to see her want to get involved with workouts too. After I do mine, she always wants to do hers. That makes me so happy cuz we have been trying to teach Danica about hygiene and healthy eating and exercise habits. So hopefully she can learn to apply all of it to her life long term.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Who's that Baby in the Mirror

Haidyn has become so fun to play with!! She is starting to giggle more and actually play with toys and everything she sees. She definitely has her favorites; like the sheep on her swing mobile and the lion and giraffe on her play mat.
But now she has discovered the baby in the mirror. A couple of weeks ago I put her infront of the bathroom mirror and she kept getting so mad and yelling at the baby. I would take her away from it and she would calm down, then I would put her infront of the mirror again and she would scream her little gous at herself. Then today I put her up by the mirror on the wall and she nearly jumped out of my hands trying to get to that baby. She was so excited to have a friend to play with. She got ahold of the mirror and just about got it off the wall, but luckily she didn't because I didn't have a spare hand to catch it. She talked and laughed with her new friend for a few minutes and this time when I moved her from the mirror she got mad at me.
And now my sweet baby is in her swing talking and laughing with her sheep.
Just the cutest thing!! I love it!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lotioned floor

So far the lotion is still willing the fight! After countless attempts to get it out, it seems to keep making a comeback. I have spent hours trying to get it all the way out so if anybody has any suggestions let me know! I will in someday!!

Sick Sick Sick

It has been nearly 2 weeks of sick! Danica started us off being sick 2 weeks ago. Then just as she gets better and heads off to Delta, I got sick. Bla! Then Danica came home sick. Apparently, she wasn't all the way better. Now Danny is sick and poor Haidyn has been barely able to fend off this stupid cold. She doesn't seem to be fighting as well the last couple of days though, so hopefull she doesn't get very bad.
But the good news is that it looks like we are all on the recovery and slowly getting better - hopefully for good this time.

Danica to Delta

Well, lucky little Danica got to go to Delta this last week to stay with Danny's parents and sister for a few days. She just loves going to stay with them. She has so much fun. She gets to play with cousins that live there, and Grandma Gina's 3 dogs, and not to mention all of the things Grandma spoils her with!
When Danny's parents picked her up they said that they needed to stop at Walmart because they needed stuff. The days following revealed the "stuff" they "needed." They bought her a pool, some clothes and 3 pairs of shoes. I know my grandparents never did that for me! Anyway, she loved it!
It was so cute to see how excited she was to come home and see Haidyn!! She told Gina and Kaity that they couldn't stop to get food before coming home because she needed to see her sister. I was so happy to see that!! Especially since every time I called her while she was in Delta for 5 days she would tell me to call back later because she was busy playing.
I guess she had so much fun with Zoe, one of grandma's dogs, that Zoe wouldn't leave her alone. If Danica was in the tub Zoe waited next to the tub. If Danica was napping Zoe stood watch. And of course, if Danica was playing Zoe was in the middle of it.
I'm glad she had so much fun, but I am glad to have her back!