Thursday, March 25, 2010

2 Week Apt.

Monday Haidyn had her 2 week dr apt. She was 6 lb 7 oz and 18 1/2. Ya, apparantly they measured her wrong at birth because they said she was 19 in at birth, which didn't look right to me. Then we measured her twice at her 2 week apt and she was only 18 1/2 at 2 weeks, so she must have been 18 in at birth. But all is well! She is a great eater and sleeper!! She is such a cute and easy baby. She loves to grunt and cry when she know Daddy is home. I think she knows that he will hold her the entire time she sleeps if she does. When he is gone she sleeps great in her bassinet, but he gets home and she gets fussy. He just can't help but spoil her. It is just so great to have her home with us!!

Monday, March 22, 2010


Here are the pictures you have all been looking for. There are a ton, so keep scrolling.

Haidyn at about 2 minutes old.

This is with the c-pap on that she had to have.

The first time that I got to hold Haidyn.

She just has such beautiful eyes!

Danny packed the camera with him, so he had to take his own pictures.

Isn't that just a gorgeous smile!!

This is the only way that Danica was able to see and meet Haidyn until she cam home at a week and a half.

She loved it when we put Haidyn's hand to the window so she could do the same.

Danica had to find things to do at the hospital all of the times that we went to feed Haidyn.

It got interesting at times! :)

She was such a trooper!! Just amazing!!!

The first time Danica met Haidyn. I had to stay in the hospital, but Danica was sure happy to take her baby sister home.

Such a cutie!!

My first day back home. And the first day that I got with both of my girls.

Danica has to hold her all the time and loves giving her kisses.

Haidyn's first bath.

Danica had to help.

Then she had to give her own baby a bath too!

Such a good little mommy!! :)

We are all just so happy to have each other and couldn't be more grateful for all of the blessing we have received in the last couple of weeks. It may seem like we have had a lot of trials, but we are only able to see the blessings right now.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Back to the hospital :(

No, Haidyn is not back in the hospital.
Early Wed. morning I woke up bleeding heavily and was in a lot of pain. So I woke Danny up and we took off for the emergency room at the Orem Hospital. After a couple of hours it was getting worse so they decided to send me to American Fork Hospital where my doctor was. When I get there they tried to get the bleeding to stop with some meds and monitored me for a little bit, but nothing was helping. By the time that they decided that none of the meds were going to do what they wanted I had lost a bit of blood and was in the worst pain of my life. So the decision was made to try a couple of simple surgical procedures to see if they could get the bleeding to stop. Nothing worked and they had to perform an emergency historectomy Wed afternoon. They had to give me 6 units of blood, platelets, and plasma.
It was not an easy thing to go through, but I am just happy to still be here to take care of my girls.
It was hard to see Haidyn go home without me the next day, but I was just happy she was finally able to go home. Danny, Gina, and my mom have all been doing a great job at taking care of my girls and everything else while I was back in the hospital.
I was able to come home today. And was finally able to hold my baby again, since she hadn't been able to come in to see me since I didn't want her in the hospital near a bunch of sick people that were around me.
All in all we have had an eventful and not the favorite of all weeks, but we are just grateful to all be here together. And I couldn't be more grateful to have my 2 beautiful girls and my wonderful husband! And I am just happy that I get to be here for them too!


All of the flowers and gifts from everybody!
Some more flowers!

Haidyn is home!!!

Haidyn is finally home!! She came home Thursday night. She was doing pretty well Tuesday but they wanted to hold her for another day to make sure that she would keep eating well. So she was able to come home Thursday with Danny, Danica and Gina, Danny's mom. I was still in the hospital, but I will explain that in a minute.
Haidyn has been doing amazing since being home and has been loving her sister! Danica has loved having her home, although she was a little confused for a while. I guess she asked my mother-in-law when Haidyn was going to go home, meaning back to the hospital. Luckily she was completely ok with her staying here. :)
Gina has been staying up here to help out with everything and my mom has been coming to help out.
Danny has been an amazing daddy taking care of the girls!!
We are just so glad to have Haidyn home!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Doing great!!

Haidyn has been doing great all day!! Last night she was started on every feeds, so that we could try feeding her at every feeding. And she has done great!! She has even started taking more than the minimum of 50 cc that she has been on and eating a lot faster. As long as she keeps it up all night then the feeding tube comes out in the morning and she would be able to come home by the evening. So it looks like she will be home by tomorrow night or absolute latest Wednesday morning!! It will be so nice to have her home!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Haidyn has taken 2 entire feedings by bottle today!! We are only able to feed her every other feeding right now, but as long as she gains weight and keeps taking her entire bottles then tomorrow we should be able to start trying to get her to eat at every feeding. Then when she takes her entire bottle at every feeding she can come home. So hopefully we are only looking at a couple more days at the most. We are keeping our fingers crossed!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Haidyn on day 2. Isn't she just so beautiful!!

Haidyn is born!!

Monday March 8th Haidyn was born at 7:26 am at 5 lb 10 oz and 19 in. She was having a little difficulty breathing so she had to be on a c-pap for most of her first day along with a few other things to help her lungs to function normally. Everything helped and by the end of day 2 she no longer needed any help breathing and was keeping at a great resp. rate and oxygen saturation. However, during that time were couldn't feed her, so the next obsticle became her eating. She has a feeding tube in to help when she won't eat. She is still working on that. We haven't really seen any changes in her eating since we started. About 2 days ago she started to really pick it up and take off, but is now right back were she was. So for now we are just working with her the best that we can to get her to eat on her own so that she can come home.
We are actually having a bit of a struggle with the dr looking after her right now. We don't quite agree with some of the reqirements he has set for her to be released, so we are looking for a different dr right now. We were able to get an off the record second opinion, but that dr is not able to take her on as a patient or she might already be home. So if anybody knows of a good dr let us know cuz we really want her home.
The c-section went well for me!! I mean it! I feel great! The second day I was able to do all of the walking that I wanted to without pain and have barely had any pain. I am actually in a little bit more pain now then I was while in the hospital. I was released yesterday and over did it a little, but am still doing well.
Danica has not been able to hold Haidyn yet since she in not allowed in the NICU. She has been able to see her through the window a couple of times and just loves her so much. She is always talking about when Haidyn comes home and how she is excited to help take care of her. She has been so amazing!! She had a little bit of a hard time with the first day I was in the hospital, but has been doing tons better with eveything then I thought she would. It has been such a blessing to see her accept everything so well. I love her and am so glad to be able to be home and spend some more time with her. She seems to be enjoying it too.
So for now we are just hoping and praying for a baby girl to get past this last hurdle and come home. I will put up more pictures as soon as I have enough time to load all of them. She looks just like Danica as a baby. She is so calm and sweet and doesn't like to be held too much. I think it is growing on her though cuz now she fusses more now when I put her down then when I pick her up. She has lots of light brown hair and dark blue eyes and is just so beautiful!! We love her so much and just want her home!