Friday, February 26, 2010

March 8th...?

Well, our doctor appointment went well. We have decided to schedule my C-Section for March 8th unless we have to do it sooner, but we won't be going longer than that. I will be 36 weeks by then and my doctor doens't want to push things past that. So in about 9 days or less we will have our baby!
I am still holding on. Every few days the pre-eclampsia seems to get just a little bit worse, but it is still not progressing very fast. Haidyn doesn't seem to be affected still, so that is really good. But for now we are just all sitting tight till I either get too sick or we get to the 8th.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I am getting worse pretty fast now, so it looks like we will be having Haidyn this week. We haven't scheduled anything yet, but the pre-eclampsia is getting too bad for me to stay pregnant much longer. Luckily, Haidyn is still doing really well, so it is only affecting me right now. We have a doctors appointment tomorrow where we will be deciding if we need to deliver or keep waiting a little longer.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hanging In There

Well, we are still hanging in there. I have to be seen twice a week for both Haidyn and I to be monitored, not to mention just any time that it seems to be getting worse or I just don't feel good. Our goal now is to make it till 35 weeks, but we will have to see if we make it there. I am gradually getting worse, but at least there are no leaps and bounds so far, since those are so much worse. I will be 34 weeks in 3 days, so we just really need to make it to that point and then we are day to day.
Bedrest is just so frustrating because I want to get up and do things but can't. It is so hard to not do things that I see need to be done or to play with Danica who is just dying to play more. I just have to keep reminding myself why I am being so lazy. :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Baby Update

32 Weeks
I am so much bigger this time. Danica was a tiny belly.

Danica loves to give Haidyn kisses!

Well, we are still at home. I have been officially on bedrest for a week. But I had put myself on bedrest about 3 weeks ago when my blood pressure starting going up. (Which my doctor was happy to hear.) Since then I have been into the hospital to be monitored 3 times and have to go back again tonight while we wait for more tests to come back. So far all of the tests have come back in our favor, but it is gradually getting worse again. We were hoping to escape this this time around, but it is going along the exact timing of Danica. Which is not very encouraging since Danica came at 35 weeks and I was really really sick by then. My doctor as of now is hoping that we can make it to 34 weeks. (Which is only 10 days away.) After that Haidyn should be fine so it should be safe to deliver me at anytime, but we will only make it to 36 weeks at the latest. Luckily, I had the steriods at 30 weeks, so Haidyn should be ok at any time by now.
We are so very fortunate to have my parents living close to us now; my mom has been helping out a lot. She has been at our place every day since I was officailly put on bedrest and has been doing basically all of the house work. (I think Danny is most grateful for that part so that he hasn't had to do it. :) ) And Danica has been loving having her Grandma Michele coming to see her everyday.
Danica has been amazing!! For going on 3, she has been so good at letting me sit and get a lot more rest. She sits with me at times and tries to take care of me or entertain me. She has had so much patience that I am so grateful for. She is still so full of energy, but has been very understanding that mommy needs to rest a lot more. I just love her so much!
Danny has been so great too! It is so great to see how much a person can step up and take care of things when it is put before them. And Danny has amazed me so much. He takes care of me and Danica and everything that my mom doesn't do while still getting all of his school work done after working all day.
It is so cute to see how close Danny and Danica have gotten! Danica has never looked forward to her Daddy coming home from work so much. I have loved seeing how much their love has grown. All of this has helped me see how much he loves me. And helps me love him even more!
More than anything else it has brought all of us together with the spirit of the Lord. We have felt it from before everything started setting in. He has prepared us for this in so many ways and has comforted us through all of it. I have seen his work in it from the beginning, even in Danica and how great she has been through all of this. His love never ceases to amaze me.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Yay!!! Danny finally got a promotion!!! He has been trying to get a team lead position for a while now, and he finally got one!!! He starts Feb 17th and is so excited! He got to work on the unit that he will be transfering to last week and loved it! I am so proud of him! It has been a long time coming for him. He has worked so hard and deserves this!!

Wagon Bed

Winter has not stopped Danica from getting the most out of her new wagon. She likes to keep it in the living room so that she can watch tv in it. Sometimes she will pile it as high as she can with books and toys to pull from room to room and load and unload.

Or my favorite is when she makes it into a bed to lounge in while she watches a movie or tries to take a nap.
Gotta love her!!!!


Well, this is long past due, but I thought I should catch up on everything. We had a lot of fun this year for Christmas. The week before we took Danica to the mall to see Santa. When I asked her what she was going to tell Santa that she wanted for Christmas she told me she wanted a reindeer. It was so cute. It turned out she wanted a reindeer so that she could feed it carrots. 

She had tons of fun and wanted to see Santa again everyday.

Then we spent Christmas Eve with my parents. It was a lot of fun. Danica loved her new clothes, book, puzzle, and of course her new baby doll. She played dr on all of us and the baby doll all night.

That night when we put out the cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer she got so upset. she thought we were going to go to the mall to take them to Santa ourselves. Luckily she calmed down when we told her Santa was going to come leave her presents.

She was so excited to see that Santa left her a Tinkerbell!

We nearly had to tackle her to get her off the horse to get ready to go to Delta.

She was so cute Christmas morning. After she had opened her first couple of presents she kept giving Danny and me all of the presents to open because she said it was our turn. She didn't argue when we told her that they were for her so she could open them, but then she would hand the next one to us again. I just thought it was the cutest thing that she was trying to make sure that we all got equal presents. Such a sweetheart!!!

We made it down to Delta for a second Christmas morning. Danica took a minute to realize she got to open MORE  presents, but got right into it. When she opened her wagon she thought it was just the box, but was still super excited. Then they took it out of the box to put together and she didn't want to wait to sit in it. Luckily, they were able to convince her to help them put it together and then she could ride in it. She wanted to go for rides all day everyday we were down there. Thank goodness I had Danny and Kaity to take her.

Danica just loves to go to Delta. She loves to play with Grandma Gina and of course the dogs, but I think the highlight of that weekend was that she got to see Darbin, Kaity's boyfriend. The way Kaity got her to take a nap one day was to let her look at a picture of him on her phone until she fell alseep.
Falling asleep looking at Darbin.
Playing her piano with Grandma Gina.

Overall Christmas was a blast!! Danica had a lot of fun with all of the family and got lots of presents she loved. It was really fun to see her learning all about Santa and Jesus this Christmas and how much she wanted to share all of it with Haidyn. It is such a wonderful time of year!!!