Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snow Day!!!

It finally snowed!! We have been waiting for the snow to come for a month now. Danica has been looking outside every morning to see if it snowed so that she could run in it and make a snowman. We were supposed to get a lot of snow, but she was just thrilled to see any.

She walked...


...and rolled in as much snow as she could.

Don't forget the snowangels.

And snowball fights.

We all just love the snow!!! It makes for a cozy Christmas season!! :)
Merry Christmas, All!!

Uncle Devin and G&G Diaz

Last week Devin came to visit for a few hours of playing the Wii. Danica had more fun watching Danny and Devin play than actually playing herself.

It was good for Danny to actually have somebody to compete with.

Danica just thinks her daddy and Uncle Devin are too funny!!

Then Grandma Gina and Grandpa Phil came to visit. Danica had been asking for her Grandma Gina for a couple of days when we found out that they were going to come up for a visit. She was so excited!!! When they got here she had to show them everything we put up for Christmas and pull out all of her toys. One of her favorite parts of the night was building towers with all of her blocks- everybody else built towers and she knocked them down.

Grandma Gina would build the tower...

...And Danica laughed as she kicked them down.

Grandpa Phil worked so hard to make such a pretty tower, until Danica saw it.

Danica loves it when family comes to visit. We all do, but it is so fun to see how big of a difference it can make in a 2 year old's day just to see people she loves!

Daddy and Danica Play

Danny and Danica have yet to miss a day of playing the Wii. It is just too funny!! They have so much fun together! I love to see them playing together!

Can you guess which game he is playing?
He is actually hopping up and down and turning.
(Which doesn't actually help anything.)

Yep, you guessed it, they are bowling!!! :)
Danica is just too cute copying her daddy. She gets pretty mad when daddy wins too.

Danica absolutely loves to wrestle with her daddy!

Jumps all over him.

And drags him down to the ground.

And she always makes sure she is winning! :)
As soon as Danny gets home from work each day they spend about an hour playing, and most of that is wrestling. It is their special time together everyday. After they have worn each other out a bit, they sit on the couch or just lay on the floor cuddling while they recover. This is supposed to be time that I have to myself, although I usually spend it laughing at them. I love that they have something that is just theirs to share!

Baby Belly

I can't believe how big my belly is already. This is how big I was with Danica when I had here, so this is a whole new ball game. But I will gladly take the bigger belly and trying to get around it to how things were when I was pregnant with Danica. The other thing is Haidyn already kicks harder than Danica did, so I am a little worried for when she is bigger.
I feel great most of the time, just a little tired every now and then, but I am really restless. I just feel like I can't clean or organize enough. I am always working on a project to keep my hands and mind busy, because I just can't sit still for long. I am so grateful this pregnancy is so much easier!!! I am loving being pregnant this time!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Early Birthdays

Danny and I both opened our birthday gifts early yesterday. No, we weren't just too anxious. Well, okay maybe a little, but my jewelry armour came in on order and it only has a week to be returned if something was wrong with it. Nothing is and I don't have to wait to use it. Yay! Now I just have to fill it with a bunch of new jewelry. Since I got mine early, I let Danny open his. He already knew he was getting a Wii, but he couldn't have set it up faster. He is such a big kid, but I wouldn't have him any other way. I love him so much.